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The Hidden Value in your Vehicle Fleet

In today’s competitive business world, you have to get creative with your marketing techniques in order to remain visible to your customers. In the pavement industry, there is a unique opportunity that any successful pavement contractor takes advantage of — having a constantly visible fleet.

If your trucks and vehicles aren’t on the road, they’re parked on-site or outside your shop. Now think about the opportunity that comes from this. Every passing car is a prospective client. Having a constantly visible fleet means having constant exposure to potential customers and the chance to transform resources that are already in use (your trucks and equipment) into effective marketing tools for your company.

By branding your fleet with your 800 number, you are transforming an ordinary vehicle or truck into a rolling billboard that can catch the eye of a potential customer, business owner or property manager and open a door that would have stayed closed otherwise. This can be as simple as adding your company’s logo to the truck door, or as elaborate as full-color vehicle wraps. Regardless of the design or your end goal, you should always strive to get your message across quickly and clearly.

If done right, branding your fleet will increase your brand recognition, and drive phone calls and leads, ultimately growing your business. To get the most out of your vehicle branding, remember these three important things:

Less is More

You have a very limited time to capture the viewer’s attention, so800BLACKTOP make sure those driving by can quickly see who you are, what you do, and how they can contact you. Contrasting colors makes your information stand out (black and yellow or red and white especially). Be simple, be direct and be immediate.

Make them Act

Provide a call-to-action for those passing by. Make sure it catches their eye and sticks in their mind. In order to generate new business, the most important thing is to clearly say how they can contact you. This should be kept simple: a phone number and a website, for example.


Your Trucks and Vehicles Represent YOU!


You or anyone driving your branded company vehicles are an ambassador for your brand. It is crucial to maintain a professional company image by following the rules of the road at all times. Follow the rules of the road and drive safely and all calls generated from your vehicle branding will be positive calls.

Your trucks are visible to thousands of people driving by who could be among the best customers, prospects and vendors. If you don’t catch their eye, you may miss an important opportunity to grow your business. Design your vehicle graphics to stand out and to make potential customers act, in order to guarantee you don’t miss your important opportunity.

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