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One Solution for All Your Business Pain Points; Reason #2

Paving and pavement maintenance contractors need to rely on partnerships to help them manage everyday business needs, while also supporting their future growth.

When it comes to your business, everything is personal. While you’re busy trying to keep operations up and running smoothly, it’s important to find a partner that can have your back. From making sure your marketing is powerful and effective to generate leads, to saving you thousands of dollars on your most commonly used items like equipment, raw materials and office supplies, the 800 Pavement Network can be a one call solution to help with your biggest challenges.

We live in a competitive world where everyone wants to be the winner.  Win the bid.  Gain the customer for life. Keep the employee.  If you don’t work hard at differentiating yourself from your competition, and continually invest in efforts to do so, your company will fall behind. 

Mike Musto has been in your shoes. For over three decades he been in the field paving, striping and maintaining pavements in the competitive Greater-Boston market. He knew the way to get ahead was to stand out and get more business by marketing his company the right way.

In 2005, Musto began branding his trucks and equipment, job signs and printed literature with the 1-800-PAVEMENT number. That year, he saw his business triple and U.S. Pavement Services, a $60 million company, became the founding member of the 800 Pavement Network. Today they company has developed the 1-800-Network made up of over 300 members throughout the United States and Canada, using their 800 numbers to gain notoriety and business in their communities.

What does that mean to you and your business? Opportunity. 

“The phone number is like a marketing plan all by itself. It’s a very simple way to market in a strong way,” Musto says. “It’s a branding tool that gives you a competitive advantage, but it’s not a magic number. It’s how we market it. Get the number out there to potential customers on your trucks, equipment, signs and employees, and the branding does the work for you.”

In total, 800 Network members have nearly 7500 trucks among all members. That translates into at least 15,000 truck signs marketing the numbers throughout the country and your company should be a part of it.  Why wait another season?  Get ready now and check availability in your local area!


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