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By joining, you’re gaining possession of the most powerful, memorable and effective marketing tool in the industry. You are making it easier for potential customers to spot you on the road, at job sites or really anywhere you go.

For a low monthly fee, you can own the exclusive rights to a toll free 800 number in your market area.

What’s in it for you?

  • A memorable and effective toll-free number!
    • Possession of the most powerful, memorable and effective marketing tool in the industry.
    • Complete rights to brand and display your 800 number on your trucks & vehicles, website, marketing materials, etc.
    • An easy way for potential customers to spot you on the road, at job sites or anywhere you go and remember your number.
  • Increased sales & leads
    • For a low monthly fee, every call to your 800 number in your area code will direct to you.
    • One new job could pay for your entire yearly payment!
    • Opportunity to work with U.S. Pavement to receive national account work.
    • USP has awarded over $125,000,000 in national account work to current Network Members.
  • Network Growth
    • Exclusive access to Network events to connect with other Network Members to share ideas and best practices.
    • Regular emails and newsletters providing marketing support, tips and ideas.
    • Eligibility for buying discounts and programs from leading vendors in the industry.

“After I plastered the 1-800-BLACKTOP number on everything I owned, things really started to change for me and my company. In 2014 we invested in our first paver and a single axle dump truck, and this past year, we grew to 13 employees, bought our entire trucking fleet and did over $3.2M in sales.”

–Shane Hall, Owner, Performance Asphalt Paving

“Our 1-888-PAVEMENT number has helped grow our business, our brand and our network far faster than we could have imagined. It has helped us develop a brand that grabs potential customer’s attention, ultimately bringing in leads and driving up sales.”

–Darin Whelan, President, PaveCo, Inc.

“Back in 2007 I started licensing 1-800-BLACKTOP. This has been one of my best choices in marketing that I’ve made because it gave us a boost in business and our image. We have the numbers on our trucks, signs, advertisements, it’s everywhere. Our customers see it and remember it.”

–Darrell Brown, Senior Executive Sales Manager/CMO/Owner, City Service Paving

“With our increase in sales from our 844 number, our team was motivated to drive from Westchester, PA out to North Branch, MI to meet with KM International. We picked up all of our new infrared equipment, got a tour of the facilities and a day of onsite infrared training.”

–Luke Hay, Hay Sealcoating, LLC.

“Thanks so much to the 800 PAVEMENT Network! We have been excited to utilize such a valuable marketing tool in growing our company’s brand recognition!!”

–Art Stanley, President, Stanley Paving