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By joining the 800 PAVEMENT Network, you are given an opportunity to work with U.S. Pavement’s National Account team.

U.S. Pavement Services is the nation’s leading pavement and pavement maintenance provider, uniquely positioned to offer national coverage under one management and one brand. U.S. Pavement Services’ Partners are a family of like-minded companies throughout the country all operating under the 800 PAVEMENT Network, and have successfully completed projects in 50 states and Canada. All partners operate at the same level of quality, workmanship, safety, and professionalism throughout the country.

U.S. Pavement has built their business on having the geographic coverage and the trained, prepared staff to move immediately on requests. Our entire operation is focused on ensuring job sites stay operational throughout our work and that our scopes do not impact customer’s operations. Our dedicated team provides a local feel on a national scale for any level of work, from immediate maintenance to long-term capital improvements.

Our team has extensive experience with a variety of national retailers, restaurant companies, convenience and fuel retailers, and many other segments. Our dispatch model is designed to flex our capacity according to customer need – focusing on cross-training and adding resources to accounts of specific need as the volume of requests increase.

About U.S. Pavement Services

U.S. Pavement Services started in New England in 1985 and expanded nationally in 2005 after founding the 800 Pavement Network. Today, there are 140+ employees in New England and 300+ partners nationwide, generating over $2B in combined sales. USP’s local construction team self-performs across New England and Northern NY, while their Exclusive Partners perform work in 50 states and Canada. All are well-trained partners who are qualified to perform on a high level for any size, scope or project. U.S. Pavement has extensive background working with retail/hospitality/commercial properties with intimate knowledge of the coordination and execution efforts required.

“After I plastered the 1-800-BLACKTOP number on everything I owned, things really started to change for me and my company. In 2014 we invested in our first paver and a single axle dump truck, and this past year, we grew to 13 employees, bought our entire trucking fleet and did over $3.2M in sales.”

–Shane Hall, Owner, Performance Asphalt Paving

“Our 1-888-PAVEMENT number has helped grow our business, our brand and our network far faster than we could have imagined. It has helped us develop a brand that grabs potential customer’s attention, ultimately bringing in leads and driving up sales.”

–Darin Whelan, President, PaveCo, Inc.

“Back in 2007 I started licensing 1-800-BLACKTOP. This has been one of my best choices in marketing that I’ve made because it gave us a boost in business and our image. We have the numbers on our trucks, signs, advertisements, it’s everywhere. Our customers see it and remember it.”

–Darrell Brown, Senior Executive Sales Manager/CMO/Owner, City Service Paving

“With our increase in sales from our 844 number, our team was motivated to drive from Westchester, PA out to North Branch, MI to meet with KM International. We picked up all of our new infrared equipment, got a tour of the facilities and a day of onsite infrared training.”

–Luke Hay, Hay Sealcoating, LLC.

“Thanks so much to the 800 PAVEMENT Network! We have been excited to utilize such a valuable marketing tool in growing our company’s brand recognition!!”

–Art Stanley, President, Stanley Paving