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What does it mean to have the exclusive rights to one of your toll-free vanity numbers?

This means that all calls made to your 800 vanity phone number in the area code(s) you license will ring directly to YOU!  Once you decide on the 800 number and the area code you’d like to license, our leading-edge technology takes care of the rest.

For example: if you perform work in New York City and you decide on licensing 1-800-BLACKTOP for the 212 area code (the main area code for Manhattan), anyone who calls 1-800-BLACKTOP from the 212 area code will be directly routed to YOU.

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Do I need a new phone line or any new equipment?

No! Our technology automatically routes all calls to your existing phone number (or any number you choose — even your cell phone).  Best of all, the callers are not aware of the re-routing.  All they have to do is dial the toll-free number and you answer — It’s that simple!

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Can I get the exclusive rights to an 800 number in more than one area code?

Yes, you can first check for availability. If your 800 number is available, you can get the exclusive rights to as many as you wish — the price will vary depending.

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Can I have my 800 number ring to 2 different phone numbers?

Yes, your 800 number can route to 2 different numbers! There are a couple options for this:

  • Based on hours of operation — i.e. during business hours all calls ring to your office, but after business hours all calls ring to your cell phone
  • Set a primary and a secondary number — i.e. all calls first route to your primary phone number, but if the call doesn’t get answered after 4-5 rings, it will be transferred to the second phone number.
  • Split the calls 50/50 between 2 numbers

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What other benefits will I get from becoming a member of the 800 PAVEMENT Network?

  • Possession of the most powerful, memorable and effective marketing tool in the industry.
  • Increased sales — all calls to your 800 number from the area code you license will go directly to YOU!
  • National account work — U.S. Pavement Services has awarded over $125,000,000 in national account work from major retailers, including Walgreens, Target, Home Depot, and more, to current Network members.
  • Buying discounts — All Network members are eligible for buying discounts from vendors in the industry, including General Motors, Staples, and Sherwin Williams.
  • Complete rights to display your vanity number on all of your trucks and marketing materials.

As a Network we generate nearly $2B in total sales, which shows just how powerful it is. As a contractor in New England since 1985, this was the best marketing move we’ve made for our company, U.S. Pavement Services.  Our business tripled as a direct result of our 800 number.

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How do I monitor my calls to make sure everything is routing properly?

When you purchase the exclusive rights to use an 800 number, you have the capability of monitoring your incoming calls once they start coming in through Dial800.  With your login username and password, you are able to track the time, date and length of each call, along with the caller’s telephone number, city and state.  This is especially useful when you’ve done some specific advertising and you want to see if you’re getting a good response.

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What kinds of fees, charges, and taxes are there?

Other than the monthly fee, there are no additional fees or taxes. For one low monthly fee, you can own the exclusive rights to one of our 800 numbers.  The monthly fee begins as low as $200.

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Am I allowed to advertise my toll-free number? If so, how can the Network help me with marketing strategies and techniques?

Yes! We encourage all Network Members to put their 800 number on their trucks and vehicles, websites, marketing materials, etc.  Having a constantly visible fleet means having constant exposure to potential customers and the perfect opportunity to let customers know who you, what you do, and how they can contact you.

We are here to help you market your number!

  • Every other month all Network Members receive a Network Newsletter providing insight to what other Members are doing to market their 800 number and stand out in the industry.
  • In addition, our staff is always available to serve as a resource to you and your business. If you have any questions, we are always available to provide assistance, advice or insight on marketing strategies.

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Is there a contract involved? If so, what are the guidelines and how long is the agreement?

We have a 12-month agreement. After 12 months, the agreement automatically renews unless you decide to cancel your services.  We do not have the rights to cancel your services UNLESS a member fails to pay any invoice within 30 days of its due date.  Your monthly fee will not increase unless you decide to add additional area codes or 800 vanity numbers — pricing will then be adjusted depending.

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What is an area code overlay? Is there any additional cost for area code overlays?

An area code overlay is an area code that has been assigned to the same geographic area as at least one other area code. An overlay does not require existing customers to change their area code or phone number.  Numbers from this new area code may be assigned to new telephone customers or those adding additional lines.

When you license an area code that has an overlay, the overlay area code is automatically included.  This means there is no additional cost and you don’t have to purchase the rights for the overlay area code separately.

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I’m ready to sign-up. What do I have to do to secure the rights to one of the 800 vanity numbers in my area code(s)?

Great choice! Call 1-800-PAVEMENT (1-800-728-3636) or click here to check pricing and availability.

Welcome to the 800 PAVEMENT Network! We are certain that your membership will help you dramatically increase sales and profits.

“After I plastered the 1-800-BLACKTOP number on everything I owned, things really started to change for me and my company. In 2014 we invested in our first paver and a single axle dump truck, and this past year, we grew to 13 employees, bought our entire trucking fleet and did over $3.2M in sales.”

–Shane Hall, Owner, Performance Asphalt Paving

“Our 1-888-PAVEMENT number has helped grow our business, our brand and our network far faster than we could have imagined. It has helped us develop a brand that grabs potential customer’s attention, ultimately bringing in leads and driving up sales.”

–Darin Whelan, President, PaveCo, Inc.

“Back in 2007 I started licensing 1-800-BLACKTOP. This has been one of my best choices in marketing that I’ve made because it gave us a boost in business and our image. We have the numbers on our trucks, signs, advertisements, it’s everywhere. Our customers see it and remember it.”

–Darrell Brown, Senior Executive Sales Manager/CMO/Owner, City Service Paving

“With our increase in sales from our 844 number, our team was motivated to drive from Westchester, PA out to North Branch, MI to meet with KM International. We picked up all of our new infrared equipment, got a tour of the facilities and a day of onsite infrared training.”

–Luke Hay, Hay Sealcoating, LLC.

“Thanks so much to the 800 PAVEMENT Network! We have been excited to utilize such a valuable marketing tool in growing our company’s brand recognition!!”

–Art Stanley, President, Stanley Paving