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Welcome Leeboy to 800 Pavement Network Vendors

Pictured Brian Bieller, CEO & President Leeboy (left) and Mike Musto, President 800 Pavement Network (right).


This new opportunity can save you thousands of dollars on the purchase of new equipment!

For over 15 years the 800 Pavement Network has been providing our members with exclusive discounts. Through the power of 300+ strong companies in our group, we are able to provide reduced prices on the products and services you need to run your business.

2022 has been a tough year, but the 800 Pavement Network is pleased to announce a new key account program with LeeBoy that could save you thousands of dollars on the purchase of new equipment.

“We are thrilled to bring our members this new program,” Jennifer Brigman, VP Sales & Marketing at 800 Pavement says. “We know how challenging this economic climate is and are working hard every day to help reduce overhead cost and increase revenue on products and services our Network Members use everyday.”

A full list of LeeBoy’s products can be found here.

Brian Bieller, LeeBoy President & CEO stated, “This Key Account Program will not only bring LeeBoy closer to our customers but help forge better relationships with the 800 Pavement Network Members and their local LeeBoy Dealers.  We are excited to be the number one choice for the 800 Pavement Network Members for all commercial class pavers, graders, brooms, tack distributors, chip spreaders, force feed loaders, road wideners, and pothole patchers saving them thousands on their equipment purchases.”

In a time where every penny counts, support is also paramount to success. Both LeeBoy and the 800 Pavement Network know the importance of lasting relationships and intend to help all who are interested in getting the most out of the program.  Leeboy will be providing each Network Member with white glove service throughout.  From finding a local Leeboy Distributor, to selecting the right machine for the application, and  developing the right pricing package including warranty, service, and part support; Leeboy Key Account program for 800 Pavement Network Members bring the white glove approach of broad reach with a local touch.

“This Key Account Program will provide 800 Pavement Network Members and LeeBoy Key Account Managers one-on-one relationships, solidifying long-term business relationships and promoting the asphalt industry across the U.S. & Canada,” Bryce Davis, LeeBoy Director of Sales, acknowledged.

Members can visit this Landing Page to learn more about how to access these discounts through LeeBoy’s Key Account Managers in your local region or contact for more information.

We are working hard to make the opportunity to save on this large capital purchase fast and easy.

Thank you to the power of our 800 Pavement Network Members and to LeeBoy for offering our members these significant discounts.

Don’t miss out. Remember to order and plan your fleet now. 

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