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One Solution for All Your Business Pain Points; Reason #1

Paving and pavement maintenance contractors need to rely on partnerships to help them manage everyday business needs, while also supporting their future growth.

When it comes to your business, everything is personal. While you’re busy trying to keep operations up and running smoothly, it’s important to find a partner that can have your back. From making sure your marketing is powerful and effective to generate leads, to saving you thousands of dollars on your most commonly used items like equipment, raw materials and office supplies, the 800 Pavement Network can be a one call solution to help with your biggest challenges.

According to recent research, over 90% of businesses (your prospects) searching for products and services go to the web to find a vendor (you). Most of the companies searching for the services you offer will make their decision of who to choose between the top few companies listed on Google.   But if you Google “Asphalt Paving” or “Pavement Maintenance,” a myriad of results come up, confusing the market and your customers. 

The solution? Stand out.

How? A personalized and memorable number that will make it nearly impossible for potential local customers to not remember your company as the answer to their pavement needs. 

The 800 Pavement Network was created to help. The Network is made up of over 300 paving and pavement maintenance contractors who generate over $2 billion in combined total sales. They use personalized 1-800 numbers to make it easy for customers to not only recognize what it is their business does, but remember them when they need the work.

Network members can choose from different 800 numbers to reflect their business offering based on availability in their area code.  

Plus, all calls will go directly to you. Why is that important? Because your customers don’t want to deal with a call center. In fact,  86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience – one that doesn’t include waiting on hold and leaving messages with a middle man.   

Check for availability in your area now and join the almost 300 industry contactors who are getting recognized now! 

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