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A Salute to Your Team on Labor Day!

800 Pavement Network is thankful for the hard-working dedication of the Asphalt, Concrete & Painting industries.  

It’s been a long season. If you’re like many contractors, you were busier than you have been in years, you endured hotter than average temperatures all summer long and you’re ready for a break. With Labor Day signaling the unofficial end of summer and the construction season, it’s time to turn your eyes to your crew.  With each project, your workers put themselves and their safety on the line in the name of a job well done. We know thanking your crew for their hard work is something you tend to do all throughout the year, but did you know that a crew that feels appreciated can actually help improve your bottom line?

Healthsteam, a survey research consultancy, found that companies that effectively appreciate the value of an employee enjoy a return on equity and assets that’s more than triple what’s experienced by firms that don’t. Another survey found that happiness led to a 12% spike in productivity, while unhappy workers proved to be 10% less productive.

Therefore, companies that invest in employee support and satisfaction tend to succeed in generating happier workers. So what will you do to improve happiness and employee satisfaction now that the season is over? A special event or gift can go a long way in making sure these workers return to your company next season, happier than ever.


Here are three easy ways you can thank your crew for all the hard work they did this year:

  1. Throw a Picnic or Host a Group Outing

Many businesses host a picnic or a night out at the ballpark for their employees as a fun activity for staff to come together outside of the stress of a jobsite.  While the pressure to make each outing memorable and exciting for everyone in the company can be overwhelming, you don’t need to do this all on your own. The more involved you get everyone else, the more excited they are for the big day.  If you have a coworker who makes amazing food, ask them to bring something to share. Put out an email requesting people bring games to play. Maybe someone even has a home karaoke setup. What better way to really get to know someone than by belting out Sweet Caroline? The best way to find out more about the people you work with every day is to ask for their help.   And make sure to invite their families’ too!

  1. Purchase Them New PPE

We know this doesn’t sound exciting, but employees actually appreciate when their company invests in their safety. New personal protection equipment (PPE) can not only be a safety improvement, it can also be a morale booster for your employees.  Employees are at their most efficient when they are healthy and happy, so it is in an employer’s best interest to provide a workplace that fosters productive, happy and healthy employees. If an employee gets sick or injured on the job, he or she may be required to miss work to seek medical care. Serious injuries may also prevent the employee from returning to work in a timely manner or may reduce his or her productivity while the injury heals or the illness resolves.  Though there is no way to prevent an employee from suffering from any illness or injury during the course of employment, employers can greatly reduce the number of missed work days and the decreased productivity caused by injury and illness by providing the proper safety equipment and requiring that it be worn whenever needed.

Brand new safety vests and helmets that showcase your company logo or slogan can go a long way in creating a team atmosphere that employees are excited to come to and showcase what your company represents every day right on their safety gear.  We even have a new vendor,  HALO, that can brand your PPE at a discount – keep reading to learn more!

  1. Give Them a Gift

This may seem obvious, but sometimes employers don’t realize how even a small gesture can go a long way. If you know your employees well, that’s great! Purchase them something you know they’ll like or even a gift card to their favorite store. Even something as simple as a gas card can go a long way in making your employees feel like you appreciate them.


No matter what you decide to do for your employees, make sure each and every one of them knows how much you appreciate them. Having a positive culture and workplace environment encourages teamwork and communication which increases engagement and opportunities for teammates to learn from each other.  These kudos cost nothing but they provide important public recognition for a job well done, effectively compensating people in the form of social currency which is highly valued by everyone.

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