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Let’s Get DIGITAL!

In an increasingly challenging business environment, it’s important to find ways to streamline your operations in ways that save you time and money. Automating tasks related to your bidding process can be a great way to increase your productivity – and profits!

Digital Business Bidding
Your business in the palm of your hands

Most estimators in the industry carry a lot of expertise and experience in their heads. Most have also found a way to leverage a few software programs to help them bid (i.e. Excel, Word, QuickBooks, Google Earth, Dropbox, etc.).

This is tough to jump back and forth between programs and is even more difficult to scale or pass on the experience and expertise to anyone else. Because of this, most estimators become hostage to their own process. Further, with disjointed systems, it is difficult to analyze bids and follow up on them.

The 800 Pavement Network has partnered with PavementSoft to bring your bidding into the digital world. By doing so, you will have a unified system where information can be easily passed around among all users.  Stay connected to all your devices, crews, opportunities & jobs with the asphalt industry’s first comprehensive mobile tool.   The software is built to help you be more efficient in all areas of your business. Create proposals in minutes, edit them with a few clicks, store and access documents anywhere. Because business doesn’t wait, you shouldn’t either.

Additionally, a digital bid allows for presets and auto-populated information so that each bid isn’t “reinventing the wheel,” which saves you time. In fact, PavementSoft saves between 45 and 120 minutes of administration per job. Over the course of year, where most companies are doing 200 and 2,000 jobs, this can add up to tangible time saved very quickly.

A-Z Business Management

 On top of streamlined bidding, digital solutions like PavementSoft help you manage all aspects of your business in one place.

  • Customer Management
  • Site Measuring
  • Proposals
  • Scheduling
  • Work orders
  • Cost tracking
  • Invoices


Solutions like this give you the power to make better-informed decisions in real time. Use the software to plot and plan your day/week/month and schedule each work order with the simple drag-n-drop interface. Easily assign crews, analyze trends, track rain-days, optimize performance and simplify your life by getting everyone on the same page.

PavementSoft started just like most companies, pen & paper. Then moved to spreadsheets and then on to databases. With decades of running paving and concrete operations, they saw the need for a top-to-bottom industry-designed user-focused product that could take the weight of administration off of business owners, so that they could focus on clients, employees, and great work.

PavementSoft here to serve you and your business. PavementSoft respond to each request (big or small) that can help the software better fit your specific needs. You don’t have to become a cookie-cutter company to leverage the power of the PavementSoft system. PavementSoft is your partner to do more.

Want to learn more?  Watch this short video!

As always, you can contact us to learn more about how to take advantage of this exclusive partnership for 800 Pavement Network Members.

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