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Meeting the Demands of the Season

How your 800 Network Membership can help ease those pricing and supply pain points

It’s tough out there. The cost of doing business is increasing around every turn and construction business owners are grappling with labor shortages, extended timelines, supply chain disruptions and so much more.  Your 800 Network Membership is here to lend a hand. We have secured exclusive discounts with many of the suppliers you use every day to help take some of the financial strain off your wallet. Here are some exclusive discounts and insight from our shared partners.

Sherwin Williams

The paint shortage for striping contractors has been ongoing for the last two years. Prices are skyrocketing with supplies being limited across the country. We are even hearing prices as high as $50 a gallon! Phew.  With raw material and supply chain issues that carried over from last year, and with the added reduced production of resin from suppliers, there will be continued industry wide pressure for striping contractors.

Our partner Sherwin Williams offers these tips to keep you working:
• Be open to alternatives – Acetone and Alkyd based products will be limited for another year. Look to high performance acrylics as an alternative which will allow you to keep working
HOTLINE®  is the product to look for. This is a high-performance acrylic that Sherwin-Williams has shifted production to due to the shortages. There is a learning curve to how this is applied as they experience quicker dry in/out of units.
• Forge a good relationship with your local store manager/representative. These are the people who make the decisions about who is getting product and when. A good relationship here is helpful.

Your membership with the 800 Network provides you access to discounts on paint, brushes, rollers and more. Sherwin Williams honor Network Members in both the USA and Canada.


General Motors

We have all heard about the shortage of vehicles and that is adding stress to construction business owners who need to add or upgrade their fleet. General Motors has already placed production caps on some vehicles for 2023 and other vehicles are only available on allocation.  What this means is that contractors need to have foresight into what their fleet needs will be in the future. Sit down and make a plan for what your company will need over the next several seasons and place your orders early.
Our Competitive Assistance Program (CAP) with General Motors can help you save thousands on vehicles – if you plan ahead. Prices for vehicles will increase for model year 2023 however, your local GM dealer and their Business Elite Command Managers can help you take advantage of the CAP program, look for in stock 2022 models and find the right vehicle for your fleet.

What you will need:
· The specific 800 Pavement Network Member *CAP & *FAN code
· A *letter to take with you to your local GM Dealer
· An open mind on model/make/year

*Contact for more information.  General Motors honor Network Members in the USA only.


Sunbelt Rentals

Buying a new piece of equipment is also a struggle for the industry. Some manufacturers won’t have new inventory to sell until after the 2023 season. This is why our partnership with Sunbelt Rentals is more important than ever to help you get the equipment you need right now!  Your 800 Network membership gets you exceptional savings on equipment rentals from Sunbelt and can help you get through this season and keep jobs moving.   All 800 Network uses have access to the Command Center app that will help you find exactly what you need.
Once inside the app, you can:
• Search Sunbelt’s full online equipment catalog
• Book a rental
• Set up payment notifications and manage rental status
• Manage and pay invoices
• Plan out future projects by viewing past rental details
Sunbelt Rentals honor Network Members in both the USA and Canada and have convenient 30-day terms.


No matter what happens with the economy, supply chains, or shortages on any resources, YOU are the best asset to your customer and business.  With your Network Membership, we strive to not only bring value through reducing overhead costs by partnering with national vendors but also by collaborating with our Network Members and facilitating communication with your peers.  As always, we are in the industry ourselves and strive to bring together people, tips, and strategies for the paving, sealcoating, stripping, and concrete industries.  Contact us at to see if  we can be a resource for helping to build your business.

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