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Advance Your Networking Skills with the 3 A’s

When your business is a part of something bigger than itself, there is tremendous opportunity to connect you with others and directly impact your success in the process. The collaboration of a Network comes from the combined experience and knowledge brought to the table by each ambitious, like-minded individual who is in the same industry and experiences the same challenges as you.

The 800 PAVEMENT Network was founded in 2005 by Mike Musto, CEO of U.S. Pavement Services, Inc. After branding the 1-800-PAVEMENT phone number on all of his trucks and equipment, job signs and printed literature, he saw his business triple and U.S. Pavement Services, now a $60 million company, became the founding member of the 800 PAVEMENT Network. Today the Network has developed into a group of over 300 pavement professionals who generate over $2 billion in combined total sales and employ over 5,000 people.

The effectiveness of the Network begins with the unleashing of the industry’s most powerful and effective marketing tool: an easy-to-remember phone number that is exclusive to your company in your area. It starts with having access to the most memorable phone number in the industry, as well as access to the National Account team at U.S. Pavement who has awarded over $125 million in work to Network Members, but the true power of the Network is found in the triple threat — Advice, Affiliation, and Access.


Being a part of a National Network groups you with professionals who play the same game as you do and experience the same highs and lows. From a smaller, start-up mentality to a seasoned veteran with years of experience and who has seen it all, there’s no better way to connect with a like-minded professional to exchange direct advice and employ tried-and-true business practices that actually work.             

At the 800 PAVEMENT Network’s Annual Meeting, all Network Members are invited to celebrate a successful season, and furthermore prepare for the next season with round table discussions, focusing on common challenges experienced in the industry. These discussions dig deeper than a casual conversation about what did and didn’t work, but help you discover the root causes of successes and failures and use the knowledge gained to continually improve your business. “Network Night has developed into a standard part of my annual debriefing process,” says Founder and CEO of The Surface Masters, Justin Meier. “It not only helps us to learn and hold onto what seems to be working, but also helps to acknowledge what I should be doing differently to help instill new procedures and best practices for next season.”


As a business owner, it is easy to get caught up in the details of the products and services you are selling, but in order to succeed it is critical to understand the power of relationships and communication, not just with your customers, but also with your vendors, employees and even your competitors. The 800 PAVEMENT Network’s annual event ignites the flame for relationships between Network Members, but those relationships develop much further than that night and evolve into long-lasting and mutually beneficial partnerships. Network members stay in communication and even visit each other’s headquarters to see operations and to continue to share experience and knowledge.

On top of these relationships opening opportunity to network and share information, they give Network Members the chance to expand the company’s coverage area for clients. CEO and founder of Florida Sealcoating, LLC, Jason Libmann talks about how teaming up with other Network Members has tremendously helped his company in more than just one way. “When we are tightly scheduled, we know we can lean on the Network Members with 100% confidence that our project will be handled properly and efficiently the first time,” Jason says. “In addition, some of the companies we are working with have been established for a longer period of time and will provide us with helpful input and tips on the more complex jobs for us to use in the future.”


Network affiliation provides a buying power that would otherwise be impossible to achieve for an individual business. With over 5,000 trucks, the 800 PAVEMENT Network was able to welcome General Motors as an Exclusive Vendor Partner, now exposing Network Members to a Competitive Assistance Program for all Chevrolet, GMC, Cadillac, and Buick brands. “Two dealers have said this is one of the best deals he has seen for anyone who is not already a fleet customer,” one of the 800 Pavement Network Member shares. “Our dealer said this may beat all fleet during some months.” The Network has welcomed Exclusive Vendor Partners, including Sunbelt Rentals, Staples, and Sherwin Williams, all providing Network Members with significant discounts on their products and services.

The power of a nationwide Network and a pre-negotiated programs can also lead to a more successful discussion for your buying needs. Being placed in front of the decision makers and key prospects from each industry-leading vendors, allows you the chance to negotiate even further and ultimately develop a relationship with the right person, opening doors that would have stayed closed otherwise.


While the motivation for joining the 800 PAVEMENT Network may vary according to the needs of each individual Member, the triple threat of access, affiliation and advice are three benefits that help all Members advance and succeed regardless of the state of business, economy, or supply chain. As they say, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts, and it’s especially true here as each individual’s success story breads greater success for the entire group. In this fast-paced pavement industry it is critical to always stay ahead of the curve, and continued education and development is the first step in doing so. As the 800 PAVEMENT Network continues to grow, the goal remains the same of helping not only each individual Member grow their business, but helping the industry as a whole by raising the standards and overall level of expertise and competence.

To learn more about the 800 PAVEMENT Network, call 1-800-PAVEMENT or visit!


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